It happens I suppose. Rofl

Hah I don’t mind since it means I don’t have to get it done again for a while LOL

I haven’t cut my hair in so looonnnng D8 ….get the kit mullet! You can strangle your enemies with such obnoxiously long hair! XD lol no don’t do that

LOL I CAN’T STAND HAVING LONG HAIR AAAUGH don’t know how people can put up with it it’s all HEAVY AND SNARLY AND STUFF XD The Kitt mullet is pretty rad though. The Killet…Kittlet? Hmm.

I think you look good no matter what. :3

OH KIWI thank youuu hahahah <3

You and me both, bro. Hair has gotten WAY too long here. :P I hate getting haircuts, but I love the end results. ^_^

It is a pain (I dislike socializing with random strangers so I find it awkward), but it is nice to have it over with, hahah.

Must see pictures!!!! X3

Loool maybe I’ll take one tonight! I am NOT BALD like Dad says pfft.