I know that I’m phasing this blog out but I think it’s important that fellow artists and future animators pay attention to what is going on regarding this case, which has affected huge numbers of people in the industry.

Wait what’s this whole thing of 4chan hijacking Tumblr or something?

Was it over that defiled pony plush that /b/ got a hold of?

I’m just kinda like uh I’m used to triggering images and death threats in tags that initially were used for medical resources thanks to “tucutes” anyways.

I have some weeding through tags to do before I delete this account. In the meantime I’m gonna laugh at both 4chan for being the douchebags they’ve always been and at Tumblr for having more people spreading fear and terror about this than is probably necessary.

bubblerhapsody asked:

Jay, I do not blame you for leaving tumblr, I too have started to consider doing the same. I still love to follow your work on DA and am excited to see your new projects :) Unfortunately not all social media is for everyone, but that doesn't stop them from using it DX I hope you are doing well <3

It’s a toxic atmosphere for a lot of people. It started out useful for me but now I’ve been forced out of my own safe spaces and I’m growing weary of seeing people make scathing jokes about genocide and murder. I understand venting frustrations when faced with oppression but this is beyond uncalled for and I’m just too old for this place, hahah.

Thank you! I’m always glad to see yours too, I’m happy you made a DA account for your drawings now too! It’s just easier for me to keep up with messages in that format anyway, endless scrolling on Tumblr is not at all effective for me |D And so many artists run a blog filled with more reblogs of random fandom humor (and often sjw stuff unfortunately) that it’s tough to see the art half the time.

scribghetti-junction said: I understand.

Thanks Gemma, I know we’ll still see each other around DA!

jrlallo said: The best part of social networks is that eventually everyone shows up and starts participating. The worst part about social networks is that eventually EVERYONE shows up and starts participating.

Man do I hear you there. Tumblr was never a place I was too attached to, but it started out as a nice resource and a chance to get my art recognized, so I gave it a shot for a while and now I’m ready to let that go. I’ll likely post art as usual but not anything else.

filecreator said: Awh poop. Well in the end, you gotta do what you gotta do man.. Where will you be hanging out from now on?

Thanks dude! I’ll be on DeviantART as usual, and possibly posting art here still too, though I’ll be having to make a new account. I’ll post about it once it’s up and running proper. I just won’t be watching anybody anymore nor posting anything BUT art, and the inspiration blogs I like I’ll just bookmark and check when I have time.

@epigenome said: I don’t blame you one bit; this site is so toxic. If it weren’t for some friends I have here and the nature/science blogs I follow I would have left a long time ago. It only gets worse and worse…

It really has gotten to a point where I feel ill seeing some of the crap that’s become “mainstream” tumblr. I can’t say anything without somebody ripping me a new one for it (even simple opinions on what art styles I like, or what my favorite characters are) and the idea of political correctness here is laughable, so yeah, I agree, it’s too toxic to take it anymore. I can find resources elsewhere. I’ll be bookmarking some of the nature and travel blogs I watch though! They are pretty awesome! I love the inspiration you can find here but not the people!

glacidea said: Sadness. But yeah. Tumblr is full of children. :/

Yeah it’s just not a good safe space for people these days, will be best to get away from those who’ve started to specifically track this blog out of spite. :)

@tassiekitty said: D: Just mechanimator or all of them?

All will be deleted but I am thinking of reviving my art blog separately. Mech is my main blog so I need to delete all to have a clear slate.

chibitomboy said: YOU NEED TO GET ON SKYPE MORE SO I CAN TALK TO YOU THEN. Unless you are then MESSAGE ME

Aw I don’t use skype at all anymore |D Way too busy these days, I’m sorry :c Definitely active on deviantART though since I need to be for my customer base!

@smellslikebiskits said: :C will you still be on DA? I don’t have a FA account…

Yes I will bro! <3 Message me anytime if you need to!



i compiled some pics of dreamworks female characters who were introduced in the same years as disney female characters- rapunzel, anna, and honey lemon

its up to you to decide which company is more progressive when designing female characters who appear distinct from the company’s last female protagonist, even tho its sorta extremely obvious  



I’m opening commissions for Pokémon drawn in “Pokédoll” style, specially since I’ve had some health complications that make me need the money even more than before. 

Inspired by the colorful tags of the popular line of Pokémon Center plushies, these drawings can be used as icons, or even in layouts for your blog. I will draw any Pokémon you want for 8 US dollars each. If you want your Pokémon to have specific accessories like in some of the examples above, I can add those for 2 dollars more. I accept payment through Paypal, and commissions are usually delivered in a few days after payment.

I’ve been doing these for years for folks over Livejournal, I hope you tumblr people will like them too!

If you can’t buy one for yourself, please consider reblogging this post, every signal boost is appreciated! Thank you!

I also wanted to add that this is not limited to Pokémon. I will draw ANY CHARACTER in this style! Here’s some examples of non-Pokémon I made in this style!


I can also draw full turnarounds, very useful if you are interested in commissioning someone for a plush in this style! A full turnaround is usually $20.


If you’re interested in a commission please e-mail me at dreadfulskies1985@hotmail.com (not tumblr asks as they’re not very reliable, sorry) so we can discuss the details, I’m very open to haggling and offering bulk discounts! Thank you so much!!






Pirates of the Caribbean/Skyrim Mashup by flipboit4midles.

(Bask in the awesomeness of this.)







i literally threw my computer across the loveseat when i heard this. its so epicly beautiful.

Excuse me, I have to go embark on a quest. I don’t know to what end but I have a ferocious need to be a badass.